How to Apply

DuBose Scholarships are based on need. You must be at least 32 years old by May 1, be a postulant or candidate for Holy Orders in the Episcopal Church, and be enrolled in an approved seminary to be considered for a scholarship.  To apply, download the application here: Dubose App.

It is important that you fill in ALL the blanks. If appropriate, write “0”, “pending,” or “unknown,” but do not leave the line blank. Your application must be signed by your bishop and the financial aid administrator of your seminary. Also, it is very important that the form be filled out neatly so that all information is legible to any reader. Past applications have been turned down due to lack of care on the applicant’s part to write legibly.

It is sometimes difficult to get your original application signed by your bishop. If this is a problem, it is permissible to fax a copy of your completed form to your bishop for signature and have the copy sent directly to the address below. You should also send the original with your signature and the financial aid officer’s signature to the address below.

If you have extenuating circumstances that you feel are not reflected in the information on this form, please write a note to the committee on a separate sheet and enclose it with your application.

When you have completed your application, mail, POSTMARKED NO LATER THAN APRIL 30TH, to:

DuBose Scholarship Fund
University of the South, School of Theology
335 Tennessee Avenue
Sewanee, TN 37383‐0001

If you have any questions, email us at

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